Design Rendering

3D architecture on realistic 3D topography, with realistic color, window and door selections from manufacturer catalogs, and vegetation enhancements, effectively allowing a virtual tour of the completed and staged project walk-through before breaking ground, to make sure the final design meets all owner expectations.

We merge architecure and site topography models using state-of-the-art 3D Architectural Design tools to model the building in detail, and top-of-the-line 3D Engineering Design tool (Civil 3D) to model the Land -- effectively, allowing you to see a virtual tour of the completed project, and walk-through before breaking ground to make sure the final design meets all your expectations.

VectorVision utilizes these advanced design tools to design buildings that best fit specific land features. We provide this service as part of our turnkey development service, but will be happy to collaborate with a licensed Architect of your choice as we have done successfully in many occasions.

We superimpose the 3-D design on the 3-D site and adjust as needed for the best fit that that maximizes taking advantage of site’s desirable features. This is particularly important on challenging sloped land. 3-D video model is then created to walk around the building and make adjustments as needed. Finally, realistic renderings of building elevations, perspective views and cross-section views are generated. A digital walk through video of final design can be created as needed before finagling the plans for construction.

As needed, scaled rendered or schematic wall elevations are prepared to assist for placement of specific design features and measurements that are difficult to decipher from 2D floor plan views. Bottom line: It will Save Time, Money, Change Orders & Stress.