Planning, Management

Initial evaluation, development planning, team & agency coordination, timeline plan and management

Our Project Management Services include:

• ROI Analysis

• Property Acquisition

• Cost Monitoring

• Logistics and Progress Monitoring

• Agency Coordination

• Entitlement

• Permits

The first stage of any Property Development requires planning, identifying the property (new or owned), determining “Current” fair market value, site evaluation and feasibility analysis, project return on investment (tangible and intangible), and acquisition (if not owned).

VectorVision provides many years of experience & successful track record, technical ability, state of the art tools, real estate knowledge, knowledge of the development plan approval process, ability to consider creative solutions to deal with site constraints and challenges and coordination with agencies. VectorVision has successfully designed and obtained Entitlements for projects that were “built” while others considered it “unbuildable”.

The next stage is “Entitlement”. This stage requires coordinated Civil Engineering and Architectural design appropriate for the specific site, coordination with the governing body, other professionals, related agencies, neighborhood, and, finally presentation and defense at a public hearing to obtain approval to Entitle the property to implement the plan as designed.

VectorVision has successful track record for completing the design to meet the requirements of the applicable ordinances, working with neighbors and addressing their concerns, working with governing body departments and staff such that they would support and recommend the plan, making presentations at public hearings and obtaining final design/plan approval, “Entitlement”.

After Entitlement, construction documents need to be prepared and submitted for Building Permit. This stage requires detail design such that a contractor can construct the building. It required coordination with structural engineers, geotechnical (Soils) engineers, Surveyors, utility companies, fire departments and others.

VectorVision has successful track record for preparing civil engineering and architectural plans and coordination with other engineers and agencies, and, work with the governing agency to cause issuance of Building Permit.

VectorVision is a Team Player. As such, we are pleased to work with other professionals and provide all or any part of the services in collaboration with others.

Finally, investor/owner is ready to engage contractors and proceed to Build.

VectorVision can assist, as needed, in evaluation & comparison of contractor bids, assist in developing & monitoring a reasonable timeline, and, resolving field issues.